MBSS Announcement of Company Recruitment

WARNING: Please stay alert with any recruitment frauds!

Please be aware on recruitment frauds that representing PT Mitrabahtera Segara Sejati Tbk (MBSS).
PT Mitrabahtera Segara Sejati Tbk (MBSS) never request for any payments from the applicants, appoints any travel agents, representative or individual on behalf of the Company to order or receive payments of land, sea, or air transportation during the recruitment process.
If you find any fraudulent recruitment activities, published on behalf of MBSS, please report and provide the supporting evidence to Corporate.Secretary@mbss.co.id  & Corporate.Communication@mbss.co.id or call 021-57944766 along with attachments or related evidence.

Our Vision

In order to realize its vision to be a world class company and sustain innovation for long-term growth, MBSS believes in the building and maintaining of a strong corporate culture supported by human resources with potential, which will enable the company to overcome the challenges now as well as in the future.

By developing a strong corporate culture, building a high level of employee engagement and safety awareness, and equipping the employees with the skills they need to succeed through a clear career guidance, we believe that MBSS will grow together with its employees toward the common vision.

Strong Values

MBSS nurtures a corporate culture which is set out in the corporate values of respect for diversity, teamwork, achievement, integrity and social responsibility at all levels and in all of its business endeavors.

By continuously internalizing these values, we believe that MBSS will be able to grow sustainably while benefiting all of its stakeholders.

Commitment to Professionalism

MBSS is well aware of the importance of continuously upgrading and enhancing it’s employees competence. Therefore, MBSS provides trainings in all levels of organization and in all stages in employee career, from induction training to subsequent trainings to improve employees’ expertise and skills.

MBSS also believes that professionalism must always be within the corridors of ethics and abide by all prevailing rules and regulations, which is laid out in our Code of Conduct to which all employees must commit to.

Life at MBSS

We believe that cross-functional collaboration positively contribute to work efficiency and effectiveness.

Life at MBSS

We realize that leaders’ active participation in explaining performance management and review will guide individuals to achieve organization goals.

Life at MBSS

MBSS encourages interaction between employees to create mutual understanding.

Life at MBSS

We continually improve the working environment to motivate employees improve the quality of work.

Life at MBSS

Best business decisions are made by best talents MBSS has, with various and complementing backgrounds

  • 35+

    Cities where we work

  • 300+

    Onshore employees

  • 1200+

    Offshore employees

How We View Talent

Most Valuable Asset

Our employees are our most important asset. They are the main component in our performance. Developing our human resource potential is one of our main strategies in order to stay competitive, followed by other measures to increase productivity and organization alignment.

Agents of Growth and Change

As the external business environment is constantly changing, MBSS’ business model evolved in line with the new conditions in the field. Therefore, we equip our employees with not only business and hard skills, but also the necessary soft skills, all meant to prepare our best talents for the increasingly challenging business environment.

Organization Enablers

MBSS recognizes that in order to achieve its goals, it must strategically and systematically develop individual talents and align them with the organization’s strategic business plans. Therefore, our performance management is based on the Balanced Scorecard framework to foster the performance-oriented culture.

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