Wisma Bharuna

President Commissioner

Indonesian citizen, currently serves as Director at PT Stardust Estate Investment and PT Emerald Ferrochromium Industry in the management of nickel and iron smelters. His experiences include Dispatch Manager at Sportwork Pty Ltd – Sydney, Australia as well as Director and Commissioner at PT Hasfarm International Corporation, PT Gonwana, PT Hasfarm Product Ltd and other Hasfarm Group subsidiaries. In addition, he has also served as Executive Director at PT Bakti Pertiwi Nusantara and PT Telen Paser Prima in the Sichuan Jinguang Group joint venture project in 2009.

From 2011 to 2017 he served as Director in shipping logistics companies such as PT Lintas Wastu Graha, PT Sandabi Indah Lestari and also PT Fitria Energi. Mr. Wisma Bharuna is one of the founders of the Indonesian Mineral Entrepreneurs Association. He graduated from Brawijaya University Malang majoring in Agricultural Technology in 1987.